Join the writers of ClickHole and The Onion as they guide you through the fundamentals of solid satire writing. With dedicated instruction and a small-group workshop process, these professional comedy writers will pull back the curtain on their own rigorous approach and invite you to participate in three days of writing intensives.

Thank you for your interest in ClickHole and/or The Onion! By applying to our workshop opportunities, you already demonstrate a keen sense of creative curiosity, and you’re motivated to learn more. We’d love to help you learn the finer points of both ClickHole and Onion writing—each a very particular voice and style. These workshops are intended to turn fans of these publications into capable contributors to them. Maybe you’re already familiar with each site’s tone and sensibility, but if you’re not, we’d love to impart that, too.

While you may apply to both The Onion & ClickHole workshops, space and time constraints dictate that we will only accept applicants for one workshop or the other—not both. The good news is, you can always apply to the other workshop in the future, as we plan on making this a regularly recurring program.

For those wondering which workshop to apply to, here’s a brief rundown of each publication:

The Onion is a satire newspaper that parodies traditional news outlets like the New York Times. Whether we’re making jokes about politics, entertainment, pop culture, education, or anything else, we try to write about those topics in a traditional high-brow newspaper format.

ClickHole is the satirical answer to the internet, originally launched to parody BuzzFeed and other viral media sites. ClickHole covers every topic and often has a strong emotional response to whatever that topic is. The headlines here play off of the “clickbait” headlines on lesser websites, so the language often revolves around something being "incredible" or "heartbreaking" or a "game changer".

Note: Within both Onion and ClickHole applications, don’t feel limited to a particular topic. All ideas are fair game; it’s just about placing them in an Onion or ClickHole type of format.